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 Energy Audits 
S&P performs residential and commercial energy auditing, management and consulting.  We provide a full range of offerings that enable you to choose how to lower your energy bills and get the highest performance from your equipment. 
Many utility companies are drastically reducing and even eliminating departments that performed energy auditing for commercial customers. As deregulation opens up energy markets, utility companies see the unregulated end of the business as the place to spend investment dollars.  Phone Centers and 800 numbers now replace the personal contact utility companies previously provided their customers.

Commercial and residential customers now have to take more responsibility in looking out for their own best interest. Some of these customers have gone to the point of hiring in-house energy managers; others have expressed the need but cannot justify the additional overheads associated with in-house energy management.


What is an Energy Audit?

An Energy Audit is a survey and information collection of your facility and electric equipment. This data is then used to provide a detailed report describing how energy is currently being used and outline efficiency opportunities that are available for your facility.

How will my business benefit from this service?

The Energy Audit will identify low-cost and no-cost ways to save energy, as well as cost-effective capital improvements to your building and equipment.

S&P Energy Auditing Services:
  • Monthly billing reviews
  • Electric Deregulation updates
  • Periodic rate comparisons
  • Contract reviews
  • Power factor analysis
  • Fuel cost comparisons
  • Power quality consulting
  • Heat loss/gain studies
  • Demand management
  •  HVAC recommendations
  • General energy consulting
  • Customer representation with utilities

 S&P Engineering, Inc. offers commercial and residential customers the completeness of having a full time energy manager without the additional overhead.

Read NABIE's Position Paper "Licensing of Professional Engineers and Architects as Home Inspectors"




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